Operations as an Incorporated Nonprofit Organization

We conduct fund raising programs for Japan Leukemia Research Fund (a certified specific charitable trust*), through various charity programs, to help JLRF financially support projects at leukemia research institutions.

We collaborate with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research in the UK and Korea Blood Cancer Association to support international exchange programs for leukemia researchers.

We host or co-host public symposiums and forums that act as educational and public relations programs for promoting leukemia research.

We prepare and conduct programs for leukemia patients that help them develop their occupational skills and increase their employment opportunities.

We provide patients with leukemia and their families with free telephone consultation services, through "The Cancer Telephone Information Service" center.

*In Japan, a "Certified Specific Charitable Trust" is a trust that has been certified by the relevant government minister to provide funds for one of 12 specified purposes, such as "To support Scientific Research", "To support Education", "To support Welfare" etc.