Friends of Leukemia Research Fund

he Friends of Leukemia Research Fund (FLRF) is a specified non-profit corporation that was approved and established in 2005 and evolved from a previous volunteer organization called "Friends of Japan Leukemia Research Found" that was founded in 1992.

The primary objectives of Friends of Leukemia Research Fund are to aid in the fight towards the eradication of leukemia and the development of medications and treatment protocols with reduced adverse effects on patients. We accomplish these objectives by running support programs to provide leukemia researchers from all over the world with research grants (including through the Certified Specific Charitable Trust Fund called "Japan Leukemia Research Fund").

We also seek to improve the quality of life (QOL) of patients with leukemia and their families. This is done by providing education and public relations programs on leukemia research, by providing psychological care, and by increasing employment opportunities through support for the development of patients’ occupational skills.